Services For Male Victims

HAVEN, Inc. provides services to male victims/survivors of domestic and/or sexual abuse. Many males seek services through our agency each year.

Sexual Abuse/Assault
The facts are:
* Both adult males and boys are victims of sexual assault.
* 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted by age 18.
* The majority of all perpetrators are NOT homosexual.
* Male survivors are by no means “destined” to become perpetrators.

Domestic Abuse
According To The Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, men account for approximately 15% of the victims who report intimate partner violence. (Feb 2003)

Men who are abused by women (or other men) in intimate partner relationships often suffer in silence. In addition to the shame shared by many female victims of domestic violence, men must overcome gender stereo types. The staff at HAVEN provides services to all those individuals who come to us and identify themselves as victims/survivors of domestic abuse.

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