HAVEN is here for you.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Help/Support

HAVEN is a champion to people who have experienced abuse.

We provide safety, shelter, and assistance to victims and survivors in a free and confidential manner.

Through education and advocacy, we support their journey of empowerment to achieve economic and emotional independence.

Who We Are

Haven, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving people who have been impacted by interpersonal abuse and violence, including domestic and dating abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual abuse and assault, and human trafficking. We provide a 24-hour phone line, advocacy, peer counseling, information and referrals, temporary shelter when needed, support groups, and prevention education. Advocacy is always individualized to the needs of each client. The areas that clients and advocates can work on together include such things as safety planning; navigating legal processes; finding employment, child care, and housing; working on budgeting and financial concerns; seeking medical and/or mental health care; connecting with community resources; pursuing educational opportunities; and seeking any types of available services that meet our client's needs.

HAVEN's Vision

Ending abuse and strengthening our communities.

Haven, Inc. provides support for domestic abuse victims

Are You Experiencing Abuse?

You don't need scars or bruises to be a victim of abuse. Abuse occurs when behaviors are used to establish and maintain power and control over another person.

If you are caught in a vicious cycle...know that you are not alone. Talk with Someone.

Those who are VICTIMIZED can be men, women, non-binary, or children. Secondary victims also occur.

Those who ABUSE come from all socio-economic groups, ages, races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and educational levels.

Research and experience support the theory that overexposure to trauma caused by abuse has a lasting negative impact on individuals, families, and communities. Haven, Inc. is here to help.

All services are provided free of charge without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, disability, arrest or conviction record, sexual orientation, or sexual identity.